Accountants and Partners

Anthony Maher – CA, Director RP Campbell Associates Pty Limited

Shann has provided accounting services to a variety of our firm’s clients for a number of years. As an accounting firm, we value Shann’s ability to produce reliable financial accounts that rarely require adjustments. Additionally, Shann’s diverse skill set enables her to perform the role of ‘in-house financial accountant’ as opposed to a straight bookkeeping role. It is no coincidence that all of our clients that utilise Shann’s services are growing and successful businesses.


Adam Simpson – Director, Uberkate

I’ve engaged Shann as financial services support for more than five years. Shann is detail oriented and extremely time efficient. When I’m knee-deep in the daily grind of running a company, Shann takes the pressure off by sorting out weekly wages, invoicing, and our annual compliance tasks. She keeps me up to date, not only with bookkeeping, but tax issues, superannuation and strategic planning. I particularly like her forward thinking in trying to improve my business. For example, she implemented batch processing for Superannuation payments and more recently bill payment automation. After introducing her to my accountant, he is now promoting her services to many of his clients.

Overall Shann is a pleasure to work with, will remind you of an important deadline (but not in a pushy way), and basically has your best interests at heart.

Ben Clinch – Director, The Free Range Butcher

Since using Shann for our bookkeeping work we have gained far more than just compliant books. Shann’s attention to detail and forethought for upcoming deadlines have made running our business much more time efficient. Not surprisingly, butchers don’t make great bookkeepers. However, as a result of using Shann’s services our accounting costs are dramatically reduced, we have a clear understanding of where we are at any given time, and now our cash is actually flowing! With a much clearer head and knowing that somebody reliable has watch over a critical part of my business I now look forward; rather than worry about what’s behind me. Quite simply, she is one of the best assets in our business.

Shannon McCarthy – Director, The Kids’ Castle

It’s hard to put into words how much appreciation we have for the work that Shann does for The Kids’ Castle. Shann is highly professional and knowledgeable about the services she provides. She is always on time with completing the work we engage her for, and her advice has helped me with many of the financial aspects of running a childcare centre.

Shann has made a significant difference to our business by improving our Payroll, Tax, BAS and IAS processes. In fact, with our last bookkeeper certain things were not being submitted or completed correctly and we were often being penalised and running at a loss. Now after the hard work put in by Shann, we are running much more efficiently and not incurring penalties.

Most of all I appreciate that Shann is easy going, nothing is a hassle, and I’m able to run things past her.

Renee Todres –  Tipping Point

Shann is thorough, has a high attention to detail and takes her role and responsibilities very seriously. As well as this, she is easy to work with and just ‘gets on with it’.

In a small business it’s challenging to make sure it all gets done and the beauty of working with Shann is that you only have to ask once and it’s done. I think what sets Shann apart is the ownership she takes, and the fact that she is so reliable. I trust her implicitly, and in a financial role, it doesn’t get better than that! Since I’ve engaged Shann she’s turned our debtors around, reducing the number of days outstanding by nearly 60%. We have better cash flow management systems offering greater visibility and therefore less stress for me of ‘unknowns’ and also better managed creditors, so happier suppliers. Overall, I now spend far less time having to follow up on the financials and am able to replace that with more effective use of my time on my business.